Linda Henning had big plans for her future after Petticoat Junction
That sweet country sound! Here's how Petticoat Junction inspired Linda Henning to go into the music business.
R.I.P. Frances Sternhagen, two-time Tony winner and Cheers actress
Sternhagen is remembered for her roles in Cheers, Sex and the City and a long career on Broadway. She was 93.
Bea Benaderet didn't consider herself the star of Petticoat Junction
"They tell me I'm a star, but I don't feel like one."
Petticoat Junction was like a second home for Edgar Buchanan
The actor's life before fame was similar to his life at the Junction. Except, he wasn't scheming like Uncle Joe Carson.
This scene perfectly encapsulates what makes Petticoat Junction special
It's about a train, but also, it's about everything.
Florence Henderson on returning for ''A Very Brady Christmas''
Carol Brady had a lot of feelings pulling into that driveway again.
The Petticoat Junction train is still rollin' down the tracks
You may not know it, but the ''little train'' in Petticoat Junction has had quite the career in Hollywood.
Bea Benaderet and her character on Petticoat Junction had some key differences
Benaderet called herself a "slob" (her words, not ours) compared to her hardworking and organized character on Petticoat Junction.
Would Carroll O'Connor like Archie Bunker if the two met?
More importantly, would you get along with them both?
Bea Benaderet wasn't worried about anyone stealing her scenes in Petticoat Junction
There were two things some actors worried would steal their scenes: dogs and children. Benaderet was worry-free.
Edgar Buchanan almost became a dentist instead of an actor
What do acting and dentistry have in common? Not much except Edgar Buchanan.
Robert Reed said Mike and Carol Brady ''came off as ninnies''
Clearly, Reed didn't feel very much like his character
The Love Boat's Bernie Kopell felt ''blessed and privileged''
Kopell was glad to be Adam "Doc" Bricker.
Tim Conway on the artistic freedom of The Carol Burnett Show
Conway relished the liberty afforded by Burnett herself
Here was Esther Rolle's advice to young actors in 1977
Rolle was a seasoned acting veteran with a lot of knowledge to give. Here's some advice she had for young students in '77.
Catchy Comedy celebrates Thanksgiving with a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast marathon
Enjoy 24 hours of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast starting Nov. 23rd at 6a ET on Catchy Comedy.
Before landing her role on Good Times Bern Nadette Stanis wanted to be a dancer
Her role on Good Times was so sudden that it took her out of her classes at Juilliard!
Art Carney was the perfect Santa Claus
Art Carney was a three-time Santa Claus.
The Honeymooners' Audrey Meadows loved working with children
Ms. Meadows was quick to praise her co-stars on Uncle Buck.
Carroll O'Connor was far from Archie Bunker, despite what people thought
"People call out to me on the street, 'Hey Archie.'
Here's why Lyle Waggoner left The Carol Burnett Show
"I got some of the best acting training from, no question about it, the best people in the business."
Ja'Net DuBois sometimes felt insecure in her role on Good Times
Anyone can feel insecure standing next to a seasoned actress like Esther Rolle.
Jimmie Walker was a stand-up comedian before becoming a star on Good Times
Before Jimmie Walker was cracking jokes on television, he told them onstage as a struggling stand-up comedian.
Jean Stapleton reflected on what it was like when Norman Lear left All in the Family
No Norman Lear? No problem. Jean Stapleton knew how to be head of the household on All in the Family.
Carl Reiner had no idea that reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show would still be on television today
Reiner was keen not to include any slang of the time in The Dick Van Dyke Show.
Norman Lear had a special message hidden inside Sanford and Son and All in the Family
Norman Lear did what he wanted and didn't care who saw — even if it was thousands of TV viewers.
LaWanda Page didn't allow her success on Sanford and Son to spoil her
LaWanda Page didn't care about fame, cars or money; She just wanted to play the part of Aunt Esther.
Robbie Rist named his pet snake after Brady Bunch producer Lloyd Schwartz
Spinoff idea: Cousin Oliver and Lloyd the Snake.
Richard Moll was once called himself ''The Midwest Mr. T''
A bald, seemingly intimidating actor who overcame many obstacles in life — textbook Mr. T and Mr. Moll.
Here's what Sally Struthers had to say about the live All in the Family performance
Who better to comment on the live performance of All in the Family than Gloria herself?
Richard Moll didn't have a lot in common with his character on Night Court
This incredible actor looked like he would "bite the heads off of chickens." His words, not ours.
Did you catch this horror movie easter egg in Night Court?
Horror fans may have spotted the in-joke to one of John Larroquette's early roles.
Susan Olsen learned to love Cindy Brady
"We were a lot like a real family."
R.I.P. Richard Moll, gentle giant bailiff Bull on Night Court
He became a fan favorite on the courtroom sitcom, and later voiced an iconic Batman villain. The actor was 80 years old.
Lucille Ball's minor injuries on I Love Lucy showed her dedication to performing
Lucille Ball was a bundle of bruises, sprains and scratches.
Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall thought stardom was strange at first
Even though the duo became highly successful, they weren't too excited about stardom at first.
Here's what Lucille Ball had to say about staying young and beautiful
The Lucille Ball method: Castor oil, humor and perfume.
Susan Olsen on the stigma of being a child star
Olsen did her best to clarify the confusion surrounding The Brady Bunch.
Here's the advice Lucille Ball gave to aspiring actors and entertainers
What's Lucy's secret to success? Grape stomping, bear wrestling, silliness and a lot of hard work.
Ted Knight's character on The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a lot like him
There were some days Ted Knight would look in the mirror and only see Ted Baxter.
Ted Lange loved the perks that came along with The Love Boat
Ted Lange fell in love with The Love Boat and all the perks that came with working on a cruise ship.
Florence Henderson on the importance of a good education
The Brady matriarch offered great advice to young people!
The Brady Bunch creator wanted to offer viewers a ''people comedy''
What did a stranded island, a family of eight and a housekeeper all have in common? Sherwood Schwartz.
Demond Wilson almost declined the offer to play Lamont Sanford
"I thought it was a step down. I wanted to be a movie actor."
Carol Burnett loved a good spoof on The Carol Burnett Show
Carol Burnett was the queen at spoofing, but not everyone wanted to be part of the joke.
Carl Reiner had a nickname for Dick Van Dyke on the set of ''The Dick Van Dyke Show''
Dick Van Dyke had no idea why Carl Reiner called him "Doc."
Do you remember Vicki Lawrence's #1 song from 1973?
"The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" was a family affair!
Dick Van Dyke married his first wife on a radio show
The actor's big day was broadcast.
The Love Boat's Fred Grandy preferred to be on land
When Grandy wasn't filming for The Love Boat, he said he would avoid boats altogether.
A spooky hoot: Vincent Price on the Carol Burnett Show
Vincent Price spoofed himself on the sketch comedy show.
Norman Lear based Archie Bunker off of his own father
The writer borrowed from his life.
Redd Foxx's connection to Sanford and Son went beyond acting
I love Sanford because that's me. That's just Redd Foxx fifteen years from now," he added.
Here's how they cast All In The Family
Archie Bunker was almost Mickey Rooney.
Lou Costello cared about what kids across the country thought of his act
For a comedian who didn't seem to care what people thought, he sure cared about kids' opinions of him.
Abbott and Costello disagreed on what made people laugh the most
Abbott and Costello would argue so much in real life that many couldn't tell if it was part of the bit.
Bud Abbott believed that the phrase ''the show must go on'' was hurting entertainers
Bud Abbott only wanted two things: To be funny and to spend the rest of his career relaxing.
Here's what Alice was actually cooking up on The Brady Bunch
While Alice Nelson was a great cook, Ann B. Davis certainly wasn't.
Classic television writers loved watching their fellow creators' shows as much as viewers did
Picture every show on network television in the 1970s getting together for one big sleepover.
Vivian Vance traveled over 3,000 miles to work on The Lucy Show
Vivian Vance was a Hollywood legend who lived in Connecticut. She must have had a lot of frequent flyer miles.
LaWanda Page was scared to make mistakes when she first appeared on Sanford and Son
The actress didn't want to disappoint her mom, Redd Foxx and viewers.
Frank Sutton didn't like talking about politics during his time on Gomer Pyle: U.S.M.C.
Frank Sutton was only an actor, and he wanted both interviewers and his fans to know that.
After Gomer Pyle, Jim Nabors became a nut farmer in Hawaii and needed a life-saving liver transplant
''I raise macadamia nuts in Hawaii and that's good enough for me.''
Carol Burnett and Jim Nabors prove classic TV bonds run deep
"We hit it off immediately." The TV icons became practically family.
The girl that Andy tossed in jail grew up to have a crush on Gomer Pyle
Joy Ellison grew up in the world of Mayberry. Today, she is a dialect coach for actors.
Here's why Archie was actually missing from two episodes in season five of All in the Family
Archie was getting lost on his way to Buffalo, but Carroll O'Connor knew exactly where he stood.
Here's how Bea Arthur got her own show after All In The Family
“It was time to have somebody on the show that would kill Archie... verbally."
Frank Sutton used his real military experience on Gomer Pyle: USMC
Sutton was a real Army veteran with a fictional Marine background.
One weird fact connects Halloween (1978) and Mama's Family
Mama's in the house. But Michael Myers is, too!
Dick Van Dyke didn't like panel shows
When it came to TV show formats, Van Dyke had his favorites.
Eve Arden was afraid of losing her identity to Miss Brooks
After eight years of playing the role, Eve Arden was afraid of losing herself to Miss Brooks.
Life onstage was heartbreaking for a young Florence Henderson
It wasn't always easy for the Brady Bunch star.
Carroll O'Connor's final play was killed by bad journalism
A confused critic ended O'Connor's theatrical career.
When Dick Van Dyke took over The Garry Moore Show
Before The Dick Van Dyke Show, he was a guest host for Garry Moore.
This was Eve Arden's advice for actors trying to get their start on TV
Eve Arden had the same successful show on two different mediums: Radio and TV.
Here's why Gloria from All in The Family moved away for her spin-off show
"I grew up as Gloria grew up," said actress Sally Struthers.
Lucille Ball: ''I am not funny.''
Here's what the legend had to say about her legacy.
At first, Eve Arden didn't want to play the role of Miss Brooks
Arden almost wasn't America's favorite teacher!
Eve Arden was a champion for teachers during her time on Our Miss Brooks
Many considered her to be their favorite teacher, and she wasn't even a real one!
Jackie Gleason's final role boosted Tom Hanks' career
Gleason saved one of the best for last.
What Lucy learned from Buster Keaton
Lucille Ball on the lessons she learned from the comedy luminary.
Meredith MacRae and Tim Considine briefly dated during My Three Sons
They got engaged on the show at the same time Meredith accepted a real proposal.
Barry Livingston described the real sibling rivalry on the set of My Three Sons
Barry Livingston: My Three Sons was a "nice way to equalize our relationship."
How My Three Sons star Fred MacMurray became one of the wealthiest actors in the biz
The film noir and sitcom star was a true business mogul.
6 things you never knew about Fred MacMurray of My Three Sons
The My Three Sons star was the model for Captain Marvel and a big fan of Korean finger math.
Bob Newhart was the expert of playing himself onscreen
If you ever noticed a similar theme across all of Newhart's series, there's a reason: He puts himself into everything he does.
Bea Benaderet was almost Ethel Mertz in I Love Lucy
Here's why she had to decline the amazing opportunity.
Carl Reiner was almost the star of The Dick Van Dyke Show
What is The Dick Van Dyke Show without Dick Van Dyke?
Mary Frann found being Newhart's TV wife challenging
Mary Frann had to follow in the footsteps of Newhart's first onscreen wife.
Bob Newhart used humor to help cope with life's hardest moments
Newhart used humor to get through life's hardships and suggested you do the same.
Suzanne Pleshette on her TV marriage with Bob Newhart
Pleshette loved her onscreen marriage with Bob Newhart just as much as we loved watching it unfold on our TV screens.
Paul Petersen was 26 before Donna Reed had to ask him to stop calling her ''Miss Reed''
The star had to let her on-screen son know that it was okay to call her Donna.
Harvey Korman was hand-picked for The Carol Burnett Show
The actor revealed that Burnett had specifically requested him by name for a role on her show.
Dave Coulier was able to show his love for hockey during his time on Full House
Coulier has a successful acting career, but his greatest memory happened in an ice rink with a hockey legend.
Bob Saget loved working with kids for his role on Full House
He had a daughter in real life and three on the series – that's one busy dad!
How Vivian Vance became a big Hollywood star by accident
Vivian Vance had the audition of a lifetime in front of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz – and she had no idea.
Esther Rolle had an issue with J.J. Evans, not Jimmie Walker
Rolle had a lot of love for Jimmie Walker, who played her eldest son on Good Times. However, his character was another story.
The Monkees found success to be a little bit frightening
With thousands of screaming and adoring women in their faces per night, we'd be a little afraid too.
Harvey Korman saved Mama's Family from a dark place
Korman really brought the family together — and lead them to success.
Mary Tyler Moore's road to The Dick Van Dyke Show
Find out how the famous actress became famous in the first place!
Audrey Meadows made bank in her role on The Honeymooners
The Honeymooners made Meadows a millionaire.
The Love Boat gave Bernie Kopell an unexpected romantic image
He was the underdog of romance until he became the type everyone wanted.
New York City ''sewer rats'' became an important part of Art Carney's career
Carney loved the New York City sewer system just as much as the real "rats" in the city did.
Valerie Harper's real-life pregnancy depended on her television career
Valerie Harper already had so much going for her, so why not add a baby to the mix?
See how the cast of Full House changed from the first episode to the last
Even over an eight-season run, one thing stayed consistent: Joey's fun fashion choices.
Audrey Meadows made her television comeback in 1959 after a two-year hiatus
"I suffer from the feeling there isn't time to do everything I want to do," she said.
This Full House guest star became the voice of Casper the Friendly Ghost
Steven Spielberg chose Malachi Pearson out of hundreds of kids to capture "the innocence of Casper."
Not all actors wanted to be roasted by Dean Martin on The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast
And with a look at some of the roasters, we could understand why!
Good Times writers chose not to replace Esther Rolle when she departed
Rolle left the show for the same reason John Amos departed: the overemphasis of Jimmie Walker's character.
A Brady reunion at Kings Island
Life in show biz is, after all, a rollercoaster.
10 things we learned from George Schlatter's book: ''Still Laughing: A Life in Comedy"
He bought Sammy Davis Jr. a house, was friends with Frank Sinatra and produced Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. And now he has a book.
Why Mary Tyler Moore's pants were such a big deal in the 1960s
Laura Petrie's capris paved the way for Mary Richards.
Uncle Jesse leaving the Full House home was a major turning point
The episode where it happened became a huge part of the sitcom’s history.
Mary Tyler Moore: "I was never as happy as I was on the Van Dyke show"
"I was better in television," said Moore of her movie career.
Carroll O'Connor's nine-year-old son responded to a hate letter his father received
O'Connor didn't even know about the letter until he found a copy of his son's reply.
8 flippin' fantastic facts about Flip Wilson
Geraldine said it best, "what you see is what you get!"
8 creative ways The Flintstones brought technology to Bedrock
They're called the modern Stone Age family for a reason.
The Flintstones was a Jurassic-sized risk
The show was a massive risk for Hanna-Barbera productions.
Ann-Margret's TV debut came on The Flintstones
She came a long way to become a superstar: from living in a funeral home to singing "Bye, Bye Birdie" to babysitting Pebbles.
This Merrie Melodies cartoon beat the Flintstones to the Modern Stone Age by just a few months
There are many similarities but also distinct differences between the short and the Hanna-Barbera series.
Before becoming an actor, Don Adams was a stand-up comedian
Before Adams was on Get Smart, he was witty as a stand-up comedian onstage.
Barbara Feldon was famous for commercials before she was on Get Smart
From selling men's pomade and purring at the audience to playing Agent 99 in a spy spoof, Feldon was a queen of TV.
Ja'net DuBois wrote ''The Jeffersons'' theme song without seeing the show
The Good Times star wrote "Movin' on Up" in one night.
Get Smart's Don Adams was a real-life Maxwell Smart
Before Get Smart he was lying about his age and performing stand-up comedy in dive bars.
How Edith informed Jean Stapleton's real-life views
Stapleton was a proud advocate for what she believed.
Eve Plumb's other TV sisters, and how she rose from the dead in Little Women
Plumb is Beth. Plumb is Melissa. Melissa is not Beth.
Harvey Korman was Tim Conway's biggest fan on The Carol Burnett Show
No matter the sketch, Tim Conway knew he already had his biggest fan right up there onstage with him.
Eva Gabor swore off jewelry just before joining Green Acres
The starlet was robbed in 1964 and vowed to never wear jewelry again.
Eddie Albert joined Green Acres because he related so much to Oliver Wendell Douglas
"Everyone would like to chuck it all and grow some carrots," he told TV Guide.
Arnold the pig almost had his own show after Green Acres
The real star of 'Green Acres' was almost the star of his own show, too!
William Frawley found ''a little dignity'' after I Love Lucy
Frawley was candid about switching from Fred Mertz to Bubs O'Casey.
LaWanda Page said Redd Foxx rehearsed with her so she wouldn't get fired
When producers wanted to replace Page, Foxx stood up for his longtime friend and rehearsed lines with her.
In 1966, Eddie Albert explained how he stayed young during his time on Green Acres
One of the oldest actors on Green Acres gave some advice on how to stay young.
Before Green Acres was on television, Granby's Green Acres was on radio, starring Bea Benaderet
Benaderet knew a thing or two about Green Acres, even before it became a hit rural comedy.
Christopher Knight did not want to do the Brady Bunch variety show
Singing and dancing were a distant second to acting for Peter Brady.
Paul Henning used his childhood as fuel to write three hit rural comedies
Growing up, Paul Henning loved hillbilly humor. As an adult, hillbilly humor made Henning's career as the producer of three hit TV shows.
Morey Amsterdam was a gag writer in real life and on TV
The actor enjoyed his time on The Dick Van Dyke Show.
Before (& after) Burnett: The Tim Conway Show(s)
Two shows that shared the same name and ultimately, similar fates.
Sherwood Schwartz's favorite Brady Bunch episode was all about fatherhood
Schwartz was "Father of the Year" himself for getting his son a job on the sitcom.
The Beverly Hillbillies' smash success completely confused critics
Early reviews struggled to find "deep significance" in the Clampetts’ universal appeal.
Buddy Ebsen once said neither he nor Irene Ryan ''ran the set'' of The Beverly Hillbillies
Jed and Granny had the power in the Clampett household, but Ebsen and Ryan were just ecstatic to be there.
For Sally Struthers, the movies were a chance to break out
Struthers loved being Gloria but was grateful for the opportunity to not be Gloria.
Jackie Gleason's ''A Lover's Portfolio'' presented music in a brand new way
Gleason broke records with his records, which he loved recording for lovers.
Fashion designer Bob Mackie made over 16,000 outfits for The Carol Burnett Show
Bob Mackie designed around 65 to 70 costumes per week, and that was just for The Carol Burnett Show.
Eddie Albert had the best response to people who ''turned their noses up'' at The Beverly Hillbillies
"That show is one of the best-written series on television. So is my show," he said.
The Beverly Hillbillies mansion address was leaked, and fans caused a little trouble
Mrs. Kirkeby, the mansion's owner, was mourning the loss of her husband, and fans would knock on the door and ask, "Where are the Beverly Hillbillies?"
Lucy met Mannix in one of the most unlikely TV crossovers
How did a hard-boiled detective turn up on a sitcom?
Just like The Beverly Hillbillies, Max Baer Jr. went from rags to riches
Max Baer Jr. was the definition of a starving artist. Before The Beverly Hillbillies, he was eating beans out of a can.
Irene Ryan was terrified she'd lose her role as Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies
Her fear of being fired resulted in the actress always being the first person on set.
After The Brady Bunch, Mike Lookinland built a solid second career in Utah
Bobby Brady had another life bringing Hollywood magic to Utah.
Buddy Ebsen was a real-life Jed Clampett
He wasn't a hillbilly, but Ebsen was closer to Clampett than you might expect.
Mayberry R.F.D. was a twist and turn in Ken Berry's life
Although acting wasn't Berry's original dream, he did it well and replaced an acting legend with ease.
Ken Berry's wife showed up in Mayberry long before he did
Jackie Joseph made a memorable dance partner for Ernest T. Bass.
How The Brady Bunch captured that legit Joe Namath toss on a very small stage
The episode of Bobby's (and every kid's) dreams. But how did they get that shot?
The Brady Bunch originally had a much weirder name because of a hit Western
Can you imagine Kris the housekeeper working for the Bradley Brood?
The most absurd we ever saw Spock was in this 1967 cameo on The Carol Burnett Show
Watch: Spock's surprise visit to The Carol Burnett Show
Ken Berry and Andy Griffith tore up trails on dirt bikes between shooting Mayberry scenes
Never a hunter, Berry had his own reason to tag along on Andy's trips.
Mayberry's Ken Berry couldn't believe he would replace Andy Griffith
Those are some pretty big shoes to fill, but luckily, Ken Berry was quick on his feet.
9 things you never knew about Ken Berry of Mayberry R.F.D.
Learn about his connections to Star Trek, The Brady Bunch, and I Love Lucy.
Ken Berry said Frances Bavier didn't appreciate her TAGS character until later in life
Berry loved Frances Bavier and believed that once she appreciated being Aunt Bee, she was able to have fun with the role.
Literal hustling led to Carol Burnett's first TV gig
It turns out she sprinted and conned her way to legendary status.
The Love Boat's Lauren Tewes was said to be the next Mary Tyler Moore
Lauren Tewes had a few things in common with Mary Tyler Moore, including her love for acting.
This Full House guest star became Elly May Clampett for Nineties kids
At least one critic claimed Erika Eleniak outdid Donna Douglas on the big screen.
Lucy wanted to do travel shows, too
Way before Conan, another redheaded comedian wanted to do comedy without borders.
Taxi's Marilu Henner hailed a cab and rode it all the way to success
Henner would receive high praise, gifts and even a special license from Taxi drivers all over the country.
The Dick Van Dyke Show completely changed the sound and personality of George Jetson
Morey Amsterdam was the first cast to play the Space Age dad. It got messy after that.
Jean Stapleton got a warm Chambersburg, PA welcome home after winning her first Emmy
1971 saw Edith bring home the gold to an adoring crowd.
The first time the world met The Brady Bunch kids was not on TV, but in court
Don't worry, Alice was there to make sure the kids impressed the judge!
9 lovely facts about Lauren Tewes of The Love Boat
She was everyone's favorite cruise director!
Danny DeVito's character on Taxi was made just for him
DeVito hatched a plan in order to get the part of Louie on Taxi.
A massive classic TV collection, including items from Cheers and All in the Family, just sold for over $5 million
Cliff and Norm returned to the familiar watering hole to commemorate the sale.
Harvey Korman considered himself a variety show survivor
Harvey Korman was one of the many talented actors to be affected by both the rise and decline of variety shows.
Audrey Meadows almost didn't get the role of Alice because of her appearance
Jackie Gleason thought she was too young, too pretty and wasn't a right fit for the role at first.
Maureen McCormick: from Brady Bunch to Brady Bride
Here's what it was like becoming Marcia again.
The incredibly unlikely story of how Judd Hirsch got cast on Taxi
James L. Brooks nearly collapsed. Judd Hirsch nearly said no.
Carol Burnett performed all the songs on her show without ever learning to read music
She drew “little squigglies” on the lyrics to remember the tune.
Carol Burnett's Twilight Zone episode was meant to launch a whole new series
She brought a funny element from her real-life experience as a movie theater usher to the role.