A massive classic TV collection, including items from Cheers and All in the Family, just sold for over $5 million
Cliff and Norm returned to the familiar watering hole to commemorate the sale.
Harvey Korman considered himself a variety show survivor
Harvey Korman was one of the many talented actors to be affected by both the rise and decline of variety shows.
Audrey Meadows almost didn't get the role of Alice because of her appearance
Jackie Gleason thought she was too young, too pretty and wasn't a right fit for the role at first.
Maureen McCormick: from Brady Bunch to Brady Bride
Here's what it was like becoming Marcia again.
The incredibly unlikely story of how Judd Hirsch got cast on Taxi
James L. Brooks nearly collapsed. Judd Hirsch nearly said no.
Carol Burnett performed all the songs on her show without ever learning to read music
She drew “little squigglies” on the lyrics to remember the tune.
Carol Burnett's Twilight Zone episode was meant to launch a whole new series
She brought a funny element from her real-life experience as a movie theater usher to the role.
Vicki Lawrence put the meaning of family in Mama's Family
Burnett helped inspire the family members of Mama's Family, and Lawrence wasn't sure she was ready to be head of the household.
Terror on the high seas: 10 Love Boat guest stars in horror movies
It's an open smile on a friendly shore. Or is it?!
Mama's Family: from sketch to sitcom
It's tricky business turning a sketch into a sitcom!
11 things you might not know about Mama's Family
Revisit Raytown and learn about the sitcom's house changes, family changes, secret theme song lyrics, presidential candidates and more!
Tom Hanks' first television role came on 'The Love Boat.' Here's why the actor called it 'a big deal'
Hanks' astonishing Hollywood career essentially started aboard The Pacific Princess.
This Eighties teen icon stole Uncle Jesse's girl from Full House
Chelsea Noble dated John Stamos before marrying Growing Pains' Kirk Cameron.
Did you know they tricked Carol Burnett into doing those Q&A sessions before every show?
Talking to the audience actually made the showstopper ''very nervous.''
Here's what happened to Rob & Laura after The Dick Van Dyke Show ended
The show came to a close, but the characters kept on living.
When she wasn't filming, Vicki Lawrence was a real 'Mama' at home
Not only did Vicki Lawrence play a full-time Mama on Mama's Family, but she also played a full-time mom at home.
Bern Nadette Stanis was happy that Thelma got away from the ''bathroom bit''
Remember when Thelma spent a lot of time in the Evans bathroom? Producers didn't know what to do with the character until season three.
This episode of The Brady Bunch gave Christopher Knight the most teen angst
Peter's changing voice led to some behind-the-scenes grief.
Vicki Lawrence was proud of her role as Burnett's ''sidekick''
Standing in the shadow suited Lawrence just fine.
These comedians were mainstays on The Ed Sullivan Show
You might be surprised at who had the most appearances ever on The Ed Sullivan Show.
Just how many Tigers were there on The Brady Bunch?
Here's a story… about several dogs named Tiger. Warning: It gets sad.
6 Westerns Mary Tyler Moore appeared in early in her career
She mostly played dramatic roles but got to show her funny side on a few occasions.
The director who discovered the Bradys was the voice of a familiar commercial mascot
He also originated the voice of several beloved children's characters
Bob Saget called the Full House home 'architecturally impossible'
Maybe the house could somewhat comfortably fit the Tanners in the show, but the real-life property would have the fake family feeling awfully cramped.
Bosom Buddies helped Peter Scolari be known as a funny man
The critics may not have believed in Bosom Buddies, but they definitely took notice of Peter Scolari's comedic talent.
Ricky Nelson only performed on The Ed Sullivan Show once and his father is to blame
Here's why the teen idol missed being on the show at the peak of his popularity.
The most exciting day in Dick Van Dyke's life was winning a race in front of a roaring crowd as a gawky underdog
He won three Emmy Awards in a row for The Dick Van Dyke Show, but his biggest triumph was a random race he unexpectedly won as an awkward high school freshman.
Carroll O'Connor gave the best advice for aspiring actors
The Emmy award-winning actor was all for following your dreams but said it would not come easy.
The same man married both the Bradys and the Petries
Dabbs Greer actually married two generations of Bradys.
Tom Hanks had some critiques for Bosom Buddies in the early '80s
Tom Hanks was a fresh face in Hollywood at the time, yet he still knew how to make a hit TV series.
Playing Grady on Sanford and Son was a temporary gig for Whitman Mayo
Mayo went to Los Angeles to find work for his clients but snagged a recurring role on Sanford and Son. There was one problem, he didn't want to be an actor.
Lucille Ball's 1964 radio show is now a podcast
The recordings were never heard again after the show stopped until now.
According to Ann B. Davis, there were talks of a seventh Brady kid
There would've been seven Brady children, but an organization protested the idea.
12 frothy facts about Cheers
Learn how Lucille Ball, Prince, pregnancy and "Hilary" relate to the beloved bar sitcom.
The Cheers bar was technically an illegal fire trap
The front door was not up to code.
Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland got ''married'' during the first season of The Brady Bunch
Maureen McCormick was the minister, and the camping episode was their honeymoon.
Full House has a deep connection to Sixties Beach Party movies
Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello even dropped by the show!
Anthony Hopkins was in the Carol Burnett Show audience for its most famous sketch
He witnessed one of the show’s funniest moments live.
There was nothing in the norm when it came to George Wendt's success on Cheers
George Wendt loved many things about playing the role of Norm, but surprisingly, drinking beer wasn't one of them.
When Art Carney wasn't making people laugh, he was sharing recipes
Hilarious? Yes. A chef? No, but his salads were party favorites.
Grab your tissues: Here's how Woody Harrelson got cast on Cheers
Harrelson instantly proved his talent was nothing to sneeze at.
Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason were buddies in this 1963 comedy film
The two played an inseparable duo in the underrated gem Soldier in the Rain.
Eve Plumb said she and The Brady Bunch cast lost touch after the series ended
The actress reunited with them for The Brady Girls Get Married.
Lucille Ball praised Carol Burnett's first performance in a 1984 interview
"I think she's one of the greatest gals I've ever met."
John Amos wanted to be a professional football player before acting
After being cut from various teams, Amos threw away the shoulder pads and did something new.
Familiar Faces: The Love Boat reunion and look-alike contest
A Love Boat look-alike contest took place across the United States in 1997.
Florence Henderson had this theory about Carol's first husband
Sherwood Schwartz was inspired to create The Brady Bunch by a four-line article.
Before playing the role of a waitress on Cheers, Rhea Perlman was a real waitress in NYC
She worked as a waitress in New York and spilled spaghetti all over David Rockefeller and his friends. No, we aren't talking about an episode of Cheers.
Carol Burnett once reimagined her show as a comedy program starring Queen Elizabeth
She performed signature sketches like "Queen and Sis" and an audience Q&A as England's iconic monarch.
Stephanie Tanner singing Ace of Base is peak Nineties Full House
The final season episode featuring Girl Talk was so iconic, they reunited the band in the reboot.
Cher's mom was in an episode of I Love Lucy
The model and singer also appeared in The Lucy Show.
Long before he was Felix Unger, Tony Randall was a pal of Mister Peepers
Randall tried to back out of the role that earned him an Emmy in 1954.
Florence Henderson's children once asked why she wasn't as nice as Carol Brady
Carol Brady was the mom that everyone loved, even Florence Henderson's children.
Meet the two actors who played Danny Tanner's mom on Full House
Alice Hirson was Granny Tanny from the start, then Doris Roberts took over.
John Stamos was haunted by Uncle Jesse's mullet
He has often spoken of his struggles stepping out from under that mullet.
5 facts about Mama's Family executive producer Joe Hamilton
A singer, composer and executive producer, Joe Hamilton did it all!
Mary Tyler Moore quit her first recurring TV role when they didn't give her a raise
The studio claimed she got "too much publicity" for her secretive character.
Bernie Kopell shut down when 'The Love Boat' ended
"I said, come on, wake up, there's life that's still going on."
10 things you might not know about Vicki Lawrence
With a disco album, a game show and a tie to a bit of Oscar history, she's far more than "Mama."
Despite earning millions, Jackie Gleason didn't care about money
Money couldn't buy happiness or The Honeymooners star.
9 odd but true facts about The Odd Couple
Did you know the classic 1970s sitcom featured 'Peanuts' siblings and Penny Marshall family reunions? It almost starred Dean Martin and Mickey Rooney, too.
After The Brady Bunch, Barry Williams refused to do auditions, and it taught him a valuable lesson
Being rebellious as a teen is one thing, but for Barry Williams, this stage in life affected his career in his mid-20s.
10 groundbreaking things you didn't know about Norman Lear
The living legend has an unusual passion for the First Amendment.
Barbara Eden made her sitcom debut on I Love Lucy wearing a dress bedazzled by Lucy herself
"I don't know many stars that would do that," Eden said of Lucy's costume decorating.
''The Lucy Show'' was Lucille Ball's television comeback that almost didn't happen
Even though CBS gave Ball great offers to do the show, Vivian Vance is why the comeback happened.
CBS secretaries ok'd Lyle Waggoner for ''The Carol Burnett Show''
It wasn't just the show's producers that Waggoner had to impress!
Betty White was late to the Mama’s Family set because she stopped to rescue two dogs on her way
Vicki Lawrence fondly remembers what it was like working with the iconic animal-lover.
The laughs were no accident on The Dick Van Dyke Show
The production used some innovative techniques to keep the show fresh.
Vicki Lawrence moved to Hawaii in 1979 with thoughts of retirement
"I'd love to open up a dress shop," she said.
Jackie Gleason made history with romantic jazz instrumentals
His first ten albums went platinum, and he holds the record for the longest top ten debut album.
Go back in time to before they became Laverne & Shirley
Penny Marshall felt paranoid. Cindy Williams felt anonymous. Then fame hit.
Eddie Mekka loved doing a little song and dance as a second career
When it comes to singing and dancing, Mekka said he did it better than "The Big Ragoo."
Tom Selleck was once rejected as Laverne's date on Laverne & Shirley
They said he looked too much like a certain advertising mascot.
Aunt Effie from Mama's Family was actually a writer on the show from Ken Berry's hometown
Dorothy Van met and befriended her idol Shirley Temple through church, too.
Jackie Gleason turned living in poverty into comedic success
"There was a lot of affection. But, the place was dull."
The Brady Bunch: ABC's unassuming weapon in the ratings war with CBS
What exactly made The Brady Bunch such a hit?
Penny Marshall was afraid of stardom during her time on Laverne & Shirley
Penny Marshall dealt with different degrees of pressure during her time on the show. One of those pressures came from herself.
Ann B. Davis enjoyed teaching students how to succeed in Hollywood
Ann B. Davis is everyone's favorite normal person who just happened to play a version of herself on the small screen.
Dave Coulier debuted his Full House catchphrase in the second season
Who still remembers the hand movements that went with the catchphrase?
Ann B. Davis revealed the hardest part about working with The Brady Bunch cast
When castmates become family, catching up sounds more fun than working.
In its ninth season, so-called ''boring storylines'' caused The Love Boat's ratings to decline
After several successful seasons, viewers got tired of being told to "come aboard."
Ted Danson's toupee practically became its own character on Cheers
Did you know the moment Sam removed his hairpiece was totally unscripted?
Constant radio requests led to a Happy Days theme song record in mere days
If you ever asked the DJ to put Fonzie's record on, your request was definitely heard.
Carol Burnett recalls fighting for her comedy variety show to be aired
The legendary actress shared that a CBS vice president didn't believe in The Carol Burnett Show.
It's safe to assume Garry Marshall was afraid of Spunky on Happy Days
Plus: Cindy Williams gave Garry a dog. Can you guess what he named his pooch?
Danny Thomas was the perfect choice to play the grandpa on Happy Days
Plus, Danny Thomas inspired Garry Marshall to pop the question to the love of his life!
Carol Burnett’s childhood friends were shocked she became a comedy star
The TV legend was a quiet kid and didn’t start acting until college!
Happy Days wrote an entire episode around the weirdest Guinness World Record holder
Fonzie's cousin was a non-actor who also appeared on the Tonight Show for his unique abilities.
Joan Rivers' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was the result of a name mix up
Sullivan may have said the wrong name at the time, but it certainly worked out for him and Rivers.
Happy Days borrowed The Brady Bunch backyard when Fonzie played the bongos
Garry Marshall created Happy Days so his Brady Bunch-loving kids would tune in. Imagine their delight when those two worlds collided!
The Love Boat bartender picked up some mixology skills for the role
Ted Lange was known for making drinks on The Love Boat, but he could make a mean martini off-screen too.
Carroll O'Connor once used a friend's name for his stage name
He's Carroll O'Connor, Archie Bunker, Bill Gillespie and... George Roberts?
A Brooklyn fistfight at 2AM inspired the characters of Laverne and Shirley on Happy Days
Garry Marshall said his girl turned to him and said, "Garry, can you hold my coat?"
Carol Burnett was afraid of being typecast in the early 1970s
Carol Burnett was known for being a queen of comedy, and that was part of her problem.
R.I.P. Ginnie Newhart, wife of Bob Newhart, who was behind that famous final episode
Newhart had one of the most memorable series finales of all time, and it was Ginnie's idea.
This talented writer contributed to Tim Conway's iconic dentist sketch
We have to thank all of the writers for this hall of fame comedy sketch!
Here's what Robert Reed loved about working on The Brady Bunch
The Brady kids made working on the series a little bit better for Reed.
The writers for The Carol Burnett Show hated ''The Family'' sketch at first
They didn't think Vicki Lawrence should play Carol Burnett's mother.
Jean Stapleton loved playing Edith, but she didn't want the role to become her personality
All in the Family wouldn't be complete without Edith, but Stapleton didn't want to be typecast.
Comet from Full House is NOT the same dog as Air Bud
But Buddy the Wonder Dog did fill in once on the family sitcom.
Jean Stapleton was a Hollywood star, but she lived in rural Pennsylvania
Stapleton was a real-life Hollywood Hillbilly. From Los Angeles to Pennsylvania, she liked living two different lifestyles.
Carroll O'Connor didn't want Jean Stapleton to be in All in the Family's spinoff
Archie Bunker's Place focused on Archie and his life after Edith's death.
A bald head helped Richard Moll get his part in Night Court
Night Court producers loved Moll's bald-headed look. Richard Moll? Maybe not so much.
The Love Boat's Ted Lange once wrote a rock musical
Who knew this bartender on The Love Boat was so rock and roll?!
Vicki Lawrence got her start through Carol Burnett when she was only 17
Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett's friendship started in one of the most unique ways.
All in the Family changed Sally Struthers over the course of nine seasons
Sally Struthers changed her attitude because of her role in All in the Family. It also brought her closer to her real-life family.
Esther Rolle said Good Times proves that you can be happy anywhere
The Evans family proved that true happiness was still possible without much money.
If Full House’s Grandpa Katsopolis looks familiar it’s probably because actor Jack Kruschen appeared in over 100 TV shows
Kruschen was also nominated for an Oscar and appeared in movies alongside Elvis and John Wayne.
Cindy Williams got a manager, an agent and her first television role at the same time
The actress created a legacy that started with one meeting.
Fame couldn't change Jean Stapleton's ''caring and down-to-earth'' personality
Being a star came second to being a good person for the actress.
Carroll O'Connor almost quit All in the Family in 1977
We would've had to say goodbye to Archie if the actor's conditions weren't met.
John Stamos rocking with The Beach Boys goes far beyond a couple Full House episodes
This actor-band relationship has been playing together for over 35 years.
Bob Denver never expected Gilligan's Island reruns to stretch into the '80s, let alone the 2020s
In 1982 Denver said, ''I just didn't think it would rerun for 16 years.'' Now, the series has been re-running for over 55 years!
Ann B. Davis loved to dust on the set of The Brady Bunch
Ann B. Davis never wanted to play a leading lady on 'The Brady Bunch,' she was content with dusting.
These candid photos show the messy aftermath of I Love Lucy’s famous grape stomping scene
The iconic moment looks hilarious on camera but was perilous to film.
Harvey Korman didn't think acting was fun, but felt he was destined for it
For an actor who didn't like acting, Harvey Korman sure did it well.
Here are 8 of the most memorable Tim Conway sketches from The Carol Burnett Show
We knew it was a good sketch when Harvey Korman broke character multiple times.
Carol Burnett shared a story about how Lucille Ball had to get ''tough'' after her divorce
''No one would listen to crazy little Lucy, so she had to be truthful,'' Burnett said.
11 things the Professor built on 'Gilligan's Island' instead of fixing the boat
He's made lie detectors, Geiger counters and washing machines, yet never repaired the Minnow.
A network executive wanted the castaways to escape Gilligan's Island after the first episode
Creator Sherwood Schwartz knew the island was the star of the show as much as any of the actors.
Barry Williams chose The Brady Bunch over his social life
Barry Williams didn't need a girlfriend as a young man, he was already in love with The Brady Bunch.
Lauren Tewes had the nicest response to critics of The Love Boat
Critics were not in love with the boat. So, the cruise director addressed it.
Jimmie Walker didn't want people to identify him with his Good Times character
Walker wanted to be a comedian and playing J.J. Evans gave him the needed exposure.
John Amos starred in the 1988 Bonanza television movie
Bonanza: The Next Generation served as a pilot for a TV series that was never produced.
Cindy Williams loved playing the role of Shirley on Laverne & Shirley
Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall were surprised when Laverne & Shirley became one of the most-watched TV series in the country.
Vivian Vance begged The Lucy Show writers to keep her character feminine
"I wanted to get away from those tough, hard-bitten, masculine sounding jokes."
All in the Family got rid of ''live laughs'' and the live studio audience
The show changed for its ninth season. Apparently, people in the live audience didn't enjoy the jokes.
Its ''silly'' nature is why people loved, and still love Mama's Family
''It's just silly, good laughing for no good reason.''
The Love Boat's Lauren Tewes enjoyed getting fan mail
Lauren Tewes loved acting and the perks that came with it, including fan mail.
Carol Burnett once used her ''Tarzan'' yell to prove her identity. After, she vowed to never do it in public again
''I looked around... there was nobody else on that floor but me and these two salespeople. And I did it.''
Robert Reed lived in half of a mansion during The Brady Bunch
Robert Reed lived in a giant mansion in the early '70s! Well, he lived in half of one actually.
Vicki Lawrence was busy bouncing between game show and sitcom sets in the '80s
Vicki Lawrence was a big fan of Mama's Family and game shows. She was even a contestant on a game show in the sitcom.
Sally Struthers thought Gloria should have had a job on All in the Family
Sally Struthers had a few ideas for her character on All in the Family. Including one idea that came true.
8 of the best questions, answers and interactions from the Q+A sessions on The Carol Burnett Show
Burnett's quick-wit and situational comedy abilities made the Q+A sessions a must-watch for any fan of her variety show.
Redd Foxx loved his life inside and outside of Sanford and Son
Redd Foxx was both a nightclub comic and a TV star. In the '70s, succeeding in both at the same time was rare.
Vivian Vance believed her friendship with Lucille Ball was perfectly balanced
The actress didn't mind being Lucy's ''sidekick'' because they had a strong bond, which was good for the show.
The Ed Sullivan Show captured the last TV performance from Diana Ross and The Supremes
''In their last television appearance together, here is Diana and The Supremes singing their current Number One record," Sullivan announced before Ross and the group went their separate ways.
Redd Foxx said the key to Sanford and Son's success was honesty
The actor and legendary comedian had faith in the power of humor, and along with honesty, that made the show popular.
At 19, Eve Plumb was determined to get rid of the Brady image
Jan Brady was just a fictional character, and Plumb wanted everyone to see a new side of her.
Gavin MacLeod went from playing villains to being considered a comedy hero
When Gavin MacLeod lost his hair, he started getting typecasted as the big, bald, bad guy.
Jean Stapleton thought about leaving All in the Family to pursue musical comedy
The actress valued her contract but knew musical comedy was something she'd like to take seriously.
Vicki Lawrence credits this famous blooper as ''unleashing the monster'' of Mama's character
"I don't know if they were relieved that Vicki had finally cut loose!"
Before he was James Evans, John Amos played a weatherman on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
To get the role, the actor had to audition in front of a lot of people, including Mary Tyler Moore!
Demond Wilson recalled the moment he and Redd Foxx became friends
The Sanford and Son stars' friendship began with a hilarious story about Wilson being asked to stick his head in a tire!
Davy Jones' Brady Bunch episode turned into a play in 1992, and he was in it
A 46-year-old Davy Jones got to be Marcia's prom date again.
Did you know Harvey Korman was briefly fired from The Carol Burnett Show?
Burnett felt she had to send a message to Korman, and it's safe to say he got it.
Harry Anderson was essentially playing himself on Night Court
Harry Anderson's acting journey started with a little magic.
Bob Mackie created the image of Thelma Harper, but a small twist from Vicki Lawrence brought the whole look together
Lawrence added one tiny adjustment to the fierce look, but it's one that you can notice in almost every episode.
Harvey Korman wanted to stay relevant for as long as he could
Comedy may not have been easy, but Korman made it look that way.
Art Carney praised Jackie Gleason in a 1977 interview for his ''generosity''
There would be no Ralph and Ed without the connection between Art Carney and Jackie Gleason.
Taxi's Andy Kaufman to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year
Andy Kaufman will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2023. The comedy legend made his mark on the wrestling world.
13 hail-worthy facts about Taxi
The series would have been far different with Mandy Patinkin, Sheriff Bart and Tony Clifton.
Vicki Lawrence is proof that you don't have to act your age to be successful
In real life Vicki Lawrence was only in her 30s when Mama's Family premiered, but her character on the show was in her 60s.
8 times Full House got sporty
Football, hockey, karate, and... dogs playing basketball?
Sammy Davis Jr. gave Archie Bunker the kiss of a lifetime on All in the Family
Archie Bunker doesn't kiss and tell, but his reaction is worth a thousand words.
See the cast of The Brady Bunch in their earliest screen roles
Here's the story, about nine actors from 'Brady'…
Gavin MacLeod believed that The Love Boat was an escape for viewers
It wasn't just a cruise ship and show; it was happiness for many.
12 tiny little goofs you never noticed in I Love Lucy
We can 'splain these minor slip-ups.