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6:00a ET

Full House

No More Mr. Dumb Guy

Jesse enlists Joey's help to appear more intellectual at a cultural event attended by his girlfriend, Rebecca Donaldson. 

6:30a ET

Full House

Misadventures In Babysitting

D.J. Tanner runs into problems while baby-sitting to earn money for her own phone. Jesse and Rebecca have a problem communicating. 

7:00a ET

Full House

Lust In The Dust

Danny's new girlfriend is tidy in some ways, a slob in others. Jesse thinks Michelle has hidden his keys. 

7:30a ET

Full House

Bye, Bye, Birdie

Michelle's first day of preschool goes badly when she accidentally releases the class' pet bird. Stephanie becomes glued to D.J.'s diary. 

8:00a ET

The Brady Bunch

To Move or Not to Move

Wanting more room, Mike puts the house on the market, while the kids scare up a plan to keep buyers away. 

8:30a ET

The Brady Bunch

The Grass Is Always Greener

The Brady parents switch roles to see whose job is harder. But Carol in the baseball diamond and Mike in the kitchen make for disastrous results. 

9:00a ET

Family Affair

Stamp of Approval

Uncle Bill wonders why Jody is suddenly interested in dating. 

9:30a ET

The Donna Reed Show

The Makeover Man

Mary tries to change her boyfriend into the kind of man she wants him to be, but succeeds only in making him unhappy. 

10:00a ET

The Carol Burnett Show

Season 9, Episode 21

Guest star Joanne Woodward spends an evening with "The Family" in this episode. Joanne plays a past schoolmate of Eunice's whose return to town for a visit upsets Mama and Ed's expectations of Eunice. Originally aired 2/14/1976. 

11:00a ET

The Lucy Show

My Fair Lucy

The Countess wants to open a charm school but needs financing. To impress the wealthy Dunbars, she will take a ratty scrubwoman (Lucy as Liza Lumpwhomper) and turn her into a sparkling debutante. Things turn sour at Liza's coming out party when Lucy's allergy to caviar kicks in. 

11:30a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy and the Countess Lose Weight

Mr. Mooney's made a bad investment in a "fat farm". Lucy and the Countess volunteer to attend to generate some needed publicity. In no time, the brutal regime has the two plotting an escape. 

On Now: 12:00p ET
I Love Lucy

Lucy's Night in Town

Lucy and the gang travel into the city to see a Broadway smash. Unfortunately, their tickets are for the wrong performance time. 

12:30p ET

I Love Lucy


Ethel feels left out when Lucy bonds with her neighbor. 

1:00p ET

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

1040 or Fight

An IRS agent falls for Mary and extends his audit to stick around. 

1:30p ET


I Won't Dance

Brenda joins Rhoda for a weekend getaway for singles to distance herself from missing Joe. 

2:00p ET

Laverne & Shirley

Murder on the Moosejaw Express (Part 2)

Laverne and Shirley try to find out who the murderer is. 

2:30p ET

Laverne & Shirley

Survival Test

Sargeant Alvina Plout takes the girls on a survival test against the men.  

3:00p ET

Mama's Family

Reading the Riot Act

Mama starts a drive to impeach Lolly Purdue, the president of the Church Ladies League because of her poor performance in office. But when Mama discovers a secret about her, she has a change of heart. 

3:30p ET

Mama's Family

Taxing Situation

When Mama gets a call from the Internal Revenue Service, she assumes the worst. The truth is, an IRS agent wants to deliver her $250 refund, but when he stops by the house, he realizes that Mama has been less than truthful on her tax returns--and now she's going to owe back taxes, interest and penalties. 

4:00p ET

The Love Boat

Audit Couple / Scoop / My Boyfriend's Back

An auditor falls for Stubing; a TV actress asks Doc's help to hide from a reporter; a wife's old boyfriend reappears. 

5:00p ET

The Odd Couple

Don't Believe in Roomers

Oscar lets a free-spirited woman stay in the apartment, and soon the two men both fall for the waif. 

5:30p ET

The Odd Couple

Sometimes a Great Ocean

When Oscar refuses to cut down on bad habits and junk food despite his ulcer, Felix books a calming trip for them -- on an old folks' cruise. 

6:00p ET

Good Times

Something Old, Something New

Grandpa Evans visits and has plans of becoming rich thanks to his new invention that he has perfected. Meanwhile, Lena, Grandpa's fiancee gets tired of being ignored and decides to leave him. This leads Grandpa to try to patch things up with his long term-love which also results in him proposing marriage. 

6:30p ET

Good Times

Willona's New Job

Willona's boyfriend, Frank, continues his efforts to try to get her to marry him. She finally agrees to it and begins wearing his engagement ring. Meanwhile, down at the boutique, Willona gets a promotion but Frank is determined to get her to turn down the offer. It seems Frank holds some old-fashioned thinking, when it comes to being the breadwinner in the family which leads Willona to have second thoughts about marriage. 

7:00p ET

Sanford and Son

Lamont in Love

Lamont has been seeing Janet for quite awhile and Lamont thinks he's in love. But he doesn't know too much about her and hasn't wanted to push her into telling him. Thus, Fred decides to find out exactly what she's hiding and he goes undercover with Aunt Esther to dig up the dirt. 

7:30p ET

Sanford and Son

The Escorts

In another get rich quick scheme, Fred decides to go down to an escort service with a friend of his and try to apply as escorts. Flatly rejected, Fred decides to open his own escort service complete with false advertising which results in Fred having to escort three ladies in one night. 

8:00p ET

All in the Family

Archie and The Quiz

Archie feels the weight of his own mortality after a magazine quiz on life expectancy gives him another seven years - tops. 

8:30p ET

All in the Family

Edith's Friend

Edith is reunited with her childhood sweetheart when she returns to her hometown for a wedding 

9:00p ET

Night Court

Educating Rhoda

Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) is taken hostage in a sleazy hotel by a psychotic female prisoner (NANA VISITOR) who escapes the custody of a pretty but bumbling bailiff trainee (DENNY DILLON) who is attracted to Bull (RICHARD MOLL). 

9:30p ET

Night Court

The Law Club

Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) risks membership into a prestigious law club to protect Christine's (MARKIE POST) virtue, while Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) and Bull (RICHARD MOLL) rehearse for a magic show where Bull "loses his head. 

10:00p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Baby Fat

Alan Brady asks Rob to secretly fix the play of a noted playwright. 

10:30p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

One Hundred Terrible Hours

Rob recalls how he became the head writer of "The Alan Brady Show". 

11:00p ET


Sam's Women

Sam tries to prove to Diane that he doesn't always date shallow women. 

11:30p ET


The Tortelli Tort

Carla attacks an especially obnoxious Yankee fan after they beat the Red Sox. He threatens to sue the bar unless Carla is fired. 

12:00a ET


Bobby's Acting Career

Bobby faces a career decision regarding his acting pursuits. 

12:30a ET

The Bob Newhart Show

The Battle of the Groups

A therapy retreat goes awry when the patients won't stop complaining. 

1:00a ET


Draw Partner

Dick gets a chance to work with his favorite illustrator, and Joanna and George wait for the Inn's 5,000th guest to arrive. 

1:30a ET

The Lost Honeymooners

Halloween Party / The Sprained Thumb

In "Halloween party", Ralph ruins his tuxedo for a Halloween party, not realizing that it's not a costume party. In "The Sprained Thumb", Ralph's sprained thumb drives Audrey crazy. 

2:00a ET

The Phil Silvers Show

The Weekend Colonel

A camera system set up by the Colonel cleans up the gambling. To fix the problem, Bilko finds a double of the Colonel, who then orders the removal of the cameras. 

2:30a ET

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

The Devil and Dobie Gillis

Chatsworth approaches Dobie with a scheme to rig the raffle at the Osborne charity bazaar and split the $5,000 prize. Dobie needs the money, but does he need the guilty conscience? 

3:00a ET

Rowan & Martin's Laugh In

Season 1, Episode 12

Today‚Äôs sketches include the cocktail party, the telephone player, the dying dummy, the Revolutionary War discussion, the USO dancers under attack, the first astronaut's return, and the mod world of nursing. Today features Hugh Downs, James Garner, John Wayne, and Flip Wilson. 

4:00a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

The Rolling Stones, Richard Pryor, Debbie Reynolds, and more

Today's episode features the Rolling Stones, Richard Pryor, Wayne Newton, Ed Ames, Debbie Reynolds, and Allen and Rossi. 

4:30a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Gladys Knight, Jim Bailey, and more

Today's episode features Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jim Bailey, O.C. Smith, Robert Klein, Jackie De Shannon, and Satani Demon. 

5:00a ET

Our Miss Brooks

The Great Land Purchase

Mr. Conklin unloads a broken-down house on Mrs. Davis, and Miss Brooks responds. 

5:30a ET

Our Miss Brooks

Raffle Ticket

Miss Brooks wins a raffle but can't collect the money because it breaks the school's rule on gambling.