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6:00a ET

Full House

A Fish Called Martin

Michelle's new fish, Martin, dies tragically when she gives him a bubble bath. In order to attract a boy she knows, D.J. learns all about his favorite topic--cars. 

6:30a ET

Full House

The Wedding, Part 1

Wanting one last adventure before marriage, Jesse goes skydiving on his wedding day. Unfortunately, he lands in a tree and can't get down. 

7:00a ET

Full House

The Wedding, Part 2

Jesse is late for his wedding--because he's in jail. 

7:30a ET

Full House

Fuller House

Jesse is sad when he returns from his honeymoon and realizes that it's time to move out of the Tanner house. But Rebecca has a plan that makes everyone happy. 

8:00a ET

The Brady Bunch

The Subject Was Noses

Marcia has her comeuppance when she breaks a date for another boy and then breaks her nose... 

8:30a ET

The Brady Bunch

How to Succeed in Business?

Peter is a rollercoaster of emotion when he gets and then loses his first job. 

9:00a ET

Family Affair

Family in Paradise (Part 2)

A family vacation to Tahiti ends with Bill wanting to stay there. But Mr. French doubts the children will benefit from the change. 

9:30a ET

The Donna Reed Show

The Mystery Woman

A woman sees Donna while having lunch and claims to be an old friend, but Donna can't remember her or find out who she is. 

10:00a ET

The Carol Burnett Show

Season 11, Episode 03

This "Family Show" features Dick as an airport traveller getting a long, awkward farewell from his family, and Tim as a steelworker seeking to do in his wife (Carol.) Originally aired 10/08/1977. 

11:00a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy's Barbershop Quartet

When one of the members of Vivian's Barbershop Quartet drops out, Lucy naturally wants to take her place. Vivian agrees, and now it's up to Lucy to learn how to sing before a big singing contest in Albany! 

11:30a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy and Viv Become Tycoons

When Viv's boyfriend goes nuts over her caramel popcorn recipe, Lucy sees a money-making opportunity. Suddenly, their kitchen is turned into a candy factory. Too bad their business is being run in a residential zone. 

12:00p ET

I Love Lucy

The Girls Go Into Business

Lucy and Ethel buy a dress shop and realize the deal was too good to be true. 

12:30p ET

I Love Lucy

Equal Rights

Lucy and Ethel demand equal rights for women, so Ricky and Fred demand they pay for their own meals. 

1:00p ET

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Ted and the Kid

Ted and Georgette find they cannot have children. 

1:30p ET


Martin Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Rhoda and Brenda have set up a 60th birthday party for their father, but are told that he is feeling ill. Later they learn the truth, that he had moved out over 2 weeks ago. 

2:00p ET

Laverne & Shirley

A Nun's Story

While Laverne & Shirley await their yearly high school reunion, they reminisce about their old crazy friend, Anne-Marie, who shows up at the reunion a nun. 

2:30p ET

Laverne & Shirley

Falter at the Altar

Laverne suddenly decides to marry her boyfriend, Sal Molina, of only two months before he is sent away by the Navy. 

3:00p ET

Mama's Family

Mama Bell

Mama reluctantly gets a phone machine, and Vint and Naomi hid a stray dog in the garage--and succeed in convincing Mama that she's getting senile when she claims she keeps hearing a dog barking. 

3:30p ET

Mama's Family

Very Dirty Dancing

When Mama goes to a dance competition to cheer for contestants Vint and Naomi, she runs into longtime friend Ramon. And when Mama and Ramon enter the competition, nothing is going to stop Mama from winning--which Mama and Ramon do with their "Latin Sizzle" number. 

4:00p ET

The Love Boat

Charmed, I'm Sure / Ashes to Ashes / No Dad of Mine

Ace discovers that his old girlfriend must now use a wheelchair; a couple wants to quit smoking; a father and daughter pretend they're strangers. 

5:00p ET

The Odd Couple

A Different Drummer

Felix tries to get his old college band on Monty Hall's nostalgia program. 

5:30p ET

The Odd Couple

Shuffling Off to Buffalo

Felix's brother gives him a job in Buffalo, to Oscar's delight. 

On Now: 6:00p ET
Good Times

Thelma's Brief Encounter

Thelma begins dating a man named Lloyd Williams, however, suspicions run rampant between J.J., Willona and Michael who become convinced he's married. However, J.J. makes a discovery that surprises everyone. It seems Lloyd is doing time in a half-way house, supposedly because he was once married to two women at the same time. Now the trick is to show Thelma, Lloyd's true colors.  

6:30p ET

Good Times

Requiem For A Wino

Fishbone, a wino, complains that he has no friends and quickly discovers he has many when a vagrant steals his wallet and is later killed in a car accident. Everyone assumes Fishbone is the one that was killed and they hold a wake with a magnificent turnout, which Fishbone witnesses, dressed in drag as a mourner at the wake.  

7:00p ET

Sanford and Son

The Older Woman

Lamont has been in a daze around the house, singing songs and incredibly cheerful to everyone he talks to. Grady and Fred deduce that the boy must be in love. Fred learns that Lamont is on the verge of proposing marriage to one particular girl who works at a dress shop. So he goes down to meet her and is in for a shock, since the girl turns out to be a woman at least ten years older than Lamont. 

7:30p ET

Sanford and Son

The Over the Hill Gag

Lamont takes Fred down the doctor's office for a checkup and Fred is socked with a large doctor bill. Realizing Fred's financial position, the doctor gives Fred six months to pay his doctor bill. Lamont overhears the conversation and becomes convinced Fred only has six months to live. Thinking Fred is dying, he rallies friends and family to prepare a party and try to get Lena Horne to pay Fred another visit. 

8:00p ET

All in the Family


The Bunkers and Teresa wake up with their bathroom on fire! Archie expects money cashing in from the insurance company, until he finds out he's guilty for starting the fire. 

8:30p ET

All in the Family

Mike and Gloria Split

Before bedtime, Mike and Gloria have a game of Scrabble in which Mike ends up winning. He uses this game as an opportunity to rub Gloria's nose in the fact that he has to be better at everything, leading to an argument between the two. 

9:00p ET

Night Court

Hey Harry, For Cryin' Out Loud, It's A Wonderful Life...Sorta

Despondent over the loss of his girlfriend, Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) is taken on a surprising journey through time by his guardian angel, Herb (MEL TORME). 

9:30p ET

Night Court

To Sleep, No More

Dan feels guilty for misusing funds from the Phil Foundation and starts suffering from insomnial; Bull wins a cereal sweepstakes. 

10:00p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Sam Pomerantz Scandals

Rob, Laura and the office gang put together a variety show to help an old friend. 

10:30p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Racy Tracy Rattigan

A guest host takes a liking to Laura and drives Rob wild. 

11:00p ET


The King of Beers

Norm lands a job as a beer taster for a local brewery. 

11:30p ET


The Magnificent Six

Sam is takes on a challenge to prove he's "the greatest ladies man. 

12:00a ET


Mama Gravas

Latka's mother comes to visit. 

12:30a ET

The Bob Newhart Show

Mutiny on the Hartley

Bob chooses the worst time to raise the rates on his patients, and they revolt. 

1:00a ET


First of the Belles

Dick's old college sweetheart visits the Inn, prompting concerns that she intends to reunite with Dick. 

1:30a ET

The Lost Honeymooners

This Is Your Life (Part 2)

Ralph's big TV appearance on This Is Your Life is sidetracked by his jealous streak. 

2:00a ET

The Phil Silvers Show

Bilko's Ape Man

Bilko hopes to launch Pvt Forbes in a film career, by entering him in a Mister Universe contest 

2:30a ET

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

French, They Are a Funny Race, The

Maynard is smitten with Francoise, and to compete with the similarly smitten Chatsworth, Maynard dons a sport coat and tie. Will he agree to shave off his beatnik beard? 

3:00a ET

Rowan & Martin's Laugh In

Season 6, Episode 22

Sketches include the three monks, the drivers, the Three Musketeers, the celebrity montage, Godmother Capone, the visitors’ news, the three-headed man, a salute to the circus, the cowpoke blackout, the three monks, the Burbank fire department, the psychiatrist quickies, and the joke wall finale. Featuring Ruth Buzzi and Charlie Callus. 

4:00a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Nancy Ames, Morecambe and Wise, and more

Today's episode features B.J. Thomas, Frankie Laine, Szony and Agnes, Nancy Ames, Morecambe and Wise, and Joanna Simon. 

4:30a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Liberace, Liza Minnelli, and more

Today's episode features Liberace, Liza Minnelli, Rudi Schweitzer, Rod Mckuen, Bill Dana, Jeannie C. Riley, and Pearl Bailey. 

5:00a ET

Our Miss Brooks

Mr. Boynton's Return

A handsome gym-instructor complicates matters between Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton. 

5:30a ET

Our Miss Brooks

White Lies

Miss Brooks poses as Mrs. Davis when an old boyfriend comes to visit.