Would you wear it? The Mike Brady look book

It's called fashion, sweetie... Look it up!

For those of us not lucky enough to partake in the fashion of the '70s, giant pressed collars and loud patterns might seem alien. But to anyone who was there for it, they were just part of what made the era special. 

Mike Brady was there, standing tall, serving up Dad looks that still set trends. Take a look back and let us know whether you'd be caught dead in any of these outfits. Maybe menswear isn't your thing! In that case, just pick whether or not you think the style looked any good.

  1. Mike's giving Steve McQueen simplicity here in a red sweater. Would you wear it?
  2. Nothing says "Daddy" like a khaki-colored button-up.
  3. Woah! What's your take on this paisley print shirt?
  4. Here, Mike is dressed for the great outdoors! What are your thoughts.
  5. Get a load of that collar! And those sideburns!
  6. Here's a patriotic Papa in the tiki caves.
  7. That is one complicated shirt.
  8. Does formal Father know best?
  9. Here's a pattern we can only describe as "of the times!"
  10. Here's Mike in full "architect" mode
Would you wear it? The Mike Brady look book

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