Our Miss Brooks

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Having made the move from radio to television in 1952, Our Miss Brooks was one of the medium’s first hits. English teacher Connie Brooks (Eve Arden) finds no shortage of comic misadventure at Madison High School, whether it’s foiling another one of crooked Principal Conklin’s (Gale Gordon) schemes or dealing with a romantic misunderstanding with beau Mr. Boynton (Robert Rockwell).

Next Airings

May 25th 4:30a ET

Acting Director

When a casting director visits, everyone vies for a film role.

May 28th 4:00a ET

Mr. Boynton's Return

A handsome gym-instructor complicates matters between Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton.

May 28th 4:30a ET

White Lies

Miss Brooks poses as Mrs. Davis when an old boyfriend comes to visit.

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Eve Arden was a champion for teachers during her time on Our Miss Brooks
Many considered her to be their favorite teacher, and she wasn't even a real one!
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