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Which Sanford and Son character said these lines?

Of course, being called a "fish-eyed fool" by Aunt Esther was never a compliment, but don't you just love hearing the character say it? She usually said the phrase in response to her brother-in-law's (Fred Sanford) jabs, but anyone was next in line! Just like Fred's usage of "You big dummy" was intended as an insult to his son, Lamont, anyone could be the next dummy in Fred's eyes. 

These lines and sayings in Norman Lear's Sanford and Son became staples in the show, so it's easy to identify who said them. 

We had to switch it up, though. We want to see if you can tell us who said these lines in the show.
  1. "Oh, this is the biggest one I ever had. You hear that Elizabeth? I'm coming to join you honey."
  2. "You're a dirty old man ya know that?"
  3. "Who you calling ugly, sucker?"
  4. "Oh I beg to differ with you. Today is November 1, and it's extremely possible that November 6 is only five days away."
  5. "Speaking of facing up to this mess, who messed up this face?"
  6. "Don't you go in my room by mistake, cause if I pull back them covers and see you I might have a stroke and die."
  7. "My my poor couch. I bet you never been sat on by a buffalo!"
  8. "Uh-huh. Is it another relative coming? How much does this one weigh?"
  9. "Hi, Estherfool."
  10. "The next time you see that creep Woodrow, you tell him his behind is grass... and I am the lawnmower."

Which Sanford and Son character said these lines?

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