Is this Ted Danson in Cheers or something else?

Although he’s played many memorable roles since his time on the classic Eighties sitcom, to many fans, Ted Danson will always be Sam Malone from Cheers. But even while on the show, Danson appeared in a number of other projects. Plus, he had been acting for a few years before landing his breakout role.

Here is Ted Danson in Cheers and many other things around the same time. Can you tell Sam apart from his other early roles?

  1. What is Ted Danson in here?
  2. Is this from Cheers or not?
  3. What is Ted in here?
  4. This scene is from...
  5. Here's Ted Danson on a boat. It's from...
  6. What is this from?
  7. What is Ted in here?
  8. This scene is from...
  9. Here is Ted in...
  10. He wore a tuxedo for this scene in...
  11. Is this rainy scene from Cheers or something else?
  12. What is this from?
Is this Ted Danson in Cheers or something else?

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