The Phil Silvers Show

Weeknights at 2a ET | 11p PT

Sgt. Ernie Bilko (Phil Silvers) calls the shots at Fort Baxter, an unremarkable U.S. Army base in Roseville, Kansas. However, Bilko and his men seem to spend very little time actually performing their duties, with Bilko usually engrossed in the masterminding of some scheme or swindle. The inept though vigilant Col. Hall (Paul Ford) is always on the lookout for the next Bilko-born conspiracy, never failing to get the best of the sergeant in the end.

Next Airings

Jun 22nd 2:00a ET

Doberman Missing Heir

Lord and Lady Rockford think they have discovered Doberman as their long lost son and heir, then they find it is all a mistake.

Jun 25th 2:00a ET

Bilko's Casino

Bilko discovers an old document saying that the Grove City USO is exempt from California's Gambling laws. So Bilko opens a gambling club, but the mob muscle in on him so Bilko reverts the club back to the USO.

Jun 26th 2:00a ET

The Colonel's Second Honeymoon

With the Colonel away on a second honeymoon, Bilko and Zimmerman who has won a prize in a competition find that they are staying at the same hotel.

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