The Phil Silvers Show

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Sgt. Ernie Bilko (Phil Silvers) calls the shots at Fort Baxter, an unremarkable U.S. Army base in Roseville, Kansas. However, Bilko and his men seem to spend very little time actually performing their duties, with Bilko usually engrossed in the masterminding of some scheme or swindle. The inept though vigilant Col. Hall (Paul Ford) is always on the lookout for the next Bilko-born conspiracy, never failing to get the best of the sergeant in the end.

Next Airings

Mar 2nd 2:00a ET

Bilko Goes to Monty Carlo

Bilko comes up with a foolproof method of winning at roulette, so all the camp come up with a bankroll and send him off Monte Carlo to try it out.

Mar 5th 2:00a ET

Bilko Enters Politics

When the plan for a new serviceman's center is turned down by the mayor Bilko gets Doberman to run for Mayor. When it looks like Doberman will win, the campaign manager makes a deal with Bilko to build the center if Doberman will drop out

Mar 6th 2:00a ET

Bilko's Television Idea

When T.V. star Buddy Bickford come to Fort Baxter to research background for a new television show. Bilko tries to sell him a T.V. idea of his own.