Can you name all these Sixties stars in Full House?

Like The Brady Bunch before it, Full House featured all kinds of notable guest stars from athletes to musicians. Plenty of famous faces from years past also made cameos, tying this family sitcom to the classic Fifties and Sixties comedies that inspired it.

Here are 12 Sixties stars who all appeared alongside Bob Saget, John Stamos and the rest. Can you name them all?

  1. Which former child star is in the middle here?
  2. Do you recognize this Sixties band?
  3. Speaking of musicians, who is this rock 'n' roll pioneer?
  4. Who is the famous talk show personality on the left?
  5. Who is this Sixties TV mom?
  6. Who is this classic comedic actor?
  7. Who is this former teen idol?
  8. She appeared in the same episode as the singer above - appropriate, considering they were frequent Sixties costars!
  9. Who is this iconic comedian?
  10. This singer is most famous as part of a group. It's...
  11. Which Vegas crooner is on the left here?
  12. She started acting in the Sixties but she's perhaps most famous for the sitcom role she played after appearing in Full House.
Can you name all these Sixties stars in Full House?

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