Can you match these Honeymooners descriptions to the right episode?

The Honeymooners first aired in October of 1955 and lasted just one season. Even so, plenty of fans call it their favorite classic TV show.

Though there was just one season, 39 episodes were made. Arguments, get-rich-quick schemes and even bickering about what show to watch on the shared television set were storylines seen throughout the one-season wonder. 

If you followed the New York City life of Alice and Ralph Kramden, you know that traditional working-class status just wasn't cutting it for Ralph. He has a short fuse but a big heart, which made for several memorable episodes despite just one season in the series.  

Below are episode descriptions from the first and only season of The Honeymooners, courtesy of IMDb. Can you match them to the correct episode titles?

Good luck! 

  1. Too cheap to purchase a television set, Ralph and Norton combine their cash to purchase a new set. It gets ugly when Ralph and Norton's friendship takes a backseat to deciding which television show they should watch.
  2. Ralph finds a gift from Norton that he thinks is for him, but when he discovers otherwise, his friendship with Norton is jeopardized.
  3. Ralph throws Alice's mother out of the apartment but Alice soon walks out on him, too. In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, Ralph comes up with a way to apologize to Alice, and her mother.
  4. Ralph's out to prove himself to Alice, his neighborhood and the world when he becomes a contestant on a hit TV game show.
  5. Ralph wants to be named the new Assistant Traffic Manager at the bus terminal. To increase his odds at the promotion, he tries to relate to Mr. Harper, the man in charge of the promotion process.
  6. Ralph goes into a panic when he gets a letter from the IRS, one that says he must appear at the office the next morning.
  7. A new neighbor moves in next to the Kramdens. This neighbor is a dance instructor and teaches the wives a few new moves.
  8. Outraged when he gets a notice from his landlord that his rent is being raised, Ralph goes on a rent strike.
  9. After a visit from some teenagers, Alice feels that she and Ralph are starting to get old, and wants him to take her out for more youthful activities.
  10. Ralph's newest get-rich-quick scheme is to sell an all-purpose kitchen gadget.
Can you match these Honeymooners descriptions to the right episode?

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