The Lost Honeymooners

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The Honeymooners features Jackie Gleason as Brooklyn bus driver Ralph Kramden, his wife, Alice (Audrey Meadows), and their neighbors, Ed and Trixie Norton (Art Carney and Joyce Randolph). Frustrated by his working-class status, Ralph often develops get-rich-quick schemes that are, of course, bound to go awry. Though very short tempered and frequently resorting to insults and hollow threats, Ralph is a soft-hearted man who loves his wife and is devoted to his best pal, Ed. These sketches, most of which aired on The Jackie Gleason Show, were considered "lost" for years.

Next Airings

Apr 24th 1:30a ET

Cottage for Sale (Part 2)

The Kramdens and the Nortons' dream cottage turns into a nightmare.

Apr 25th 1:30a ET

Ed Norton Interviews (People to People / Man Under the Street / Cost of Living)

Ed Norton's father is interview in "People to People", then later, Ed Sullivan and Jackie Gleason interview Ed Norton.

Apr 26th 1:30a ET

Lawsuit & What's the Name

In "Lawsuit", Ralph breaks his leg in a bus accident and sues his company. Then in "What's the Name", Ralph and Alice try to remember an actress' name after seeing her movie.

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