Family Affair

Weekdays 9a ET | 6a PT

After the death of his brother, wealthy bachelor Bill Davis (Brian Keith) takes in his orphaned nieces and nephew, Cissy (Kathy Garver) and twins Buffy (Anissa Jones) and Jody (Johnny Whitaker). In his luxury New York City apartment, Davis, butler Giles French (Sebastian Cabot) and the children experience growing pains but ultimately become a unique and caring family.

Next Airings

Dec 1st 9:00a ET

Family in Paradise (Part 2)

A family vacation to Tahiti ends with Bill wanting to stay there. But Mr. French doubts the children will benefit from the change.

Dec 4th 9:00a ET

Good Neighbors

Jody and Buffy throw a party to get to know the other building tenants. Plans go awry when some of them get stuck in the elevator instead.

Dec 5th 9:00a ET

Desert Isle, Manhattan Style

Cissy neglects babysitting the twins when her boyfriend invites her away.