What happened next in these classic I Love Lucy scenes?

Stomping the grapes. Getting tipsy on Vitameatavegamin. Growing face icicles in the freezer. I Love Lucy is loaded with memorable images and moments. The groundbreaking comedy remains just as gut-busting today. It's been over half a century. Let's see how well you remember some of the classic scenarios and scrapes Lucy got herself into.
  1. "Speed it up!" Uh oh, the chocolates are going to come even faster now and Lucy's mouth is full. Where does she last resort to stuffing them?
  2. In "The Fur Coat," Lucy wants to teach Ricky a lesson. To scare him, she buys an imitation mink and does what with it?
  3. In "Hollywood at Last!" Lucy eats pasta as William Holden looks on. It's a lo-o-ong pasta strand! What happens?
  4. John Wayne is making a new hand print for the walk of fame. What happens next?
  5. There's a long dream sequence in "Lucy Goes to Scotland." Ethel and Fred soon pop up as what?
  6. Another dream sequence! What happens when she and Little Ricky (Jerry Mathers!) beg for change in "Ricky's Old Girlfriend"?
  7. Ah, the immortal "Lucy's Italian Movie!" Who starts the grape fight?
  8. Lucy is stuck on the ledge while Superman himself is inside! What happens next?
  9. Bread! So much bread! Who could forget "Pioneer Women"? Lucy is pinned. How does she get out?
  10. Lucy has finally landed a role in the pictures! That's a big headdress. What happens once they put it on her head?
  11. In "Breaking the Lease," Lucy and Ricky throw a huge apartment dance party and jump up and down. What happens?
What happened next in these classic I Love Lucy scenes?

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