Can you tell if these fun facts about Mama's Family are real or not?

Mama's Family is an iconic show, especially for those who love Vicki Lawrence. Lawrence played the role of Mama, perfecting the southern drawl, as she made audiences laugh for over six seasons.

During the show's 130 episodes, a lot of interesting facts and memorable moments came from both on and off the set. 

Today, we want to put your TV trivia knowledge to the test with the ultimate true or false Mama's Family quiz! If you're a TV trivia fanatic, this one is for you!

  1. Mama's Family was originally cancelled after its second season.
  2. The instrumental theme song actually had lyrics.
  3. Betty White and Rue McClanahan first acted together on The Golden Girls.
  4. Vicki Lawrence won an Emmy for her role in Mama's Family.
  5. Vicki Lawrence made a disco album.
  6. Although Mama was meant to portray a woman in her 60s, Vicki Lawrence was only 33 at the time of the first season.
  7. Vicki Lawrence and Allan Kayser were the only two actors to appear in all 130 episodes of Mama's Family.
  8. Carol Burnett was originally supposed to play Mama.
  9. The actual house used in both the opening and closing credits was located in South Pasadena, CA.
  10. The show outlived its creator, Dick Clair, who died in 1988.
  11. Mama's Family had a pilot episode written.
  12. Raytown, Mama's home, has two newspapers: The Bugle and The News Daily
Can you tell if these fun facts about Mama's Family are real or not?

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