Can you name these Mama's Family characters?

Welcome to Raytown, population of… aw, shucks, a whole mess of interesting people.

Thelma Harper and her wild extended family have been a part of television for decades, from the Harpers' first appearance in "The Family" skits on Carol Burnett in the 1970s to their long-running '80s sitcom, Mama's Family

Over the years, plenty of friends and family members came and went. Mama's Family featured an ace comedic cast of Vicki Lawrence, Ken Berry, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and, sometimes, Burnett herself. 

Let's see how well you remember the Harpers and their neighbors!
  1. What is the name of this quirky neighbor?
  2. Thelma's dead husband went mostly unseen. However, Ken Berry also briefly played him in a flashback. What was "Papa" Harper's name?
  3. The beloved Betty White played what character, and what was her relation to Mama?
  4. Rue McClanahan played Mama's little sister. What was her name?
  5. What was the name of Vinton's son?
  6. How about this young'un?
  7. Betty White's character had a pet name for the Mayor of Raytown. She called him "Tutty." What was his full name?
  8. Okay, how was this kid related to Mama?
  9. Here is Raytown's local minister. What was his name?
  10. This feller is Billy Bob Conroy. The actor went on to play what iconic character?
Can you name these Mama's Family characters?

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