Can you name the TV star hosting Saturday Night Live in the 1970s?

The "Not Ready for Primetime Players" made their debut in 1975. 

Of course, they had some comedic help from guest hosts with plenty of primetime experience. We've gathered some classic TV icons from the first five seasons of SNL, up through the fifth season (1979–80). Okay, so yeah, a few of them were technically hosting in early 1980. But they are certainly all Seventies stars. See if you can identify them all.

Good luck!
  1. The fellow had his name on his own sitcom. Which was it?
  2. Before he made it big in movies, this actor appeared on which Western?
  3. This 'Mary Tyler Moore' funnyman made a shocking entrance when he hosted the final episode of the 1970s. Which character did he play on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'?
  4. This bit from the very first episode is now iconic. The comedian played which character on 'Taxi'?
  5. This host is best known for appearing in which sitcom?
  6. This host was best known for which sitcom?
  7. She had Chanel on the brain in this sketch, but you know her best from which sitcom?
  8. In this 'Charlie's Angels' spoof, which Angel is being played by the actual actress from the show (who was hosting the episode)?
  9. This TV legend hosted the 14th episode. You know him best as which character?
  10. She was certainly no stranger to sketch comedy. Because she was a regular cast member on…?
  11. Yep, 'Saturday Night' even welcomed talk show hosts and guests. He was the host of which show?
  12. He was the creator of several classic TV shows. Who is he?
  13. In her season one monologue, this host said, "It's a relief to be here. In my show I'm having a nervous breakdown." Which show would that have been?
  14. This former teen idol was played a kid on which 1950s series?
  15. This host played a cop on TV on this series in the 1950s.
Can you name the TV star hosting Saturday Night Live in the 1970s?

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