Which of these stars were NOT guests on The Love Boat?

Throughout its nine-season run, The Love Boat featured over 500 famous faces boarding the ship as guest stars.

Now, we don't expect you to have memorized every single one (if you have, please let us know), BUT, maybe you'll be able to nail this quiz anyhow. We'll give you a last name that recurs through the guest list. Then, we'll present you with a few famous first names that pair with that last name. All you have to do is tell us which of those stars was NOT a guest on The Love Boat.

Here's an example. We'll give you the last name "Adams," along with the options "Edie," "Don," "John," and "Marla." Since you know that the second US President was not a guest star on The Love Boat, you select "John" for the correct answer! 

Go forth, sailor, and pick which first name never appeared as a guest star on The Love Boat!

  1. Allen
  2. Anderson
  3. Andrews
  4. Brown
  5. Cassidy
  6. Crosby
  7. Carroll
  8. Davis
  9. Evans
  10. Harris
  11. Howard
  12. Johnson
  13. Jones
  14. Kelly
  15. Kennedy
  16. Martin
  17. Mills
  18. Morgan
  19. Nelson
  20. Osmond
Which of these stars were NOT guests on The Love Boat?

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