What classic TV show is Gavin MacLeod in?

Just because Gavin MacLeod is arguably best-known for his role of Captain Stubing on The Love Boat and Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show doesn't mean he didn't have an impact across classic television with various appearances. 

With over 100 acting credits to his name per IMDb.com, MacLeod could pop into almost any show and make his presence felt. 

Below are snapshots of MacLeod in shows not titled The Love Boat or The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Can you guess what show he's in?

  1. In which Western does MacLeod play the character of Rian Powers?
  2. In what show does MacLeod play a movie producer?
  3. In what show does MacLeod play the role of a journalist named Dan Platte? MacLeod acted in this series three times.
  4. In this series, MacLeod plays a crook masked as a dance instructor.
  5. Here, MacLeod is a jewelry wholesaler in...
  6. What Western is he in here?
  7. Here, MacLeod plays a manager of and up and coming rock star. What show is it from?
  8. In what show does he portray a fictional police officer?
  9. What show does MacLeod play Major Kiegel?
What classic TV show is Gavin MacLeod in?

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