What are these funny animals in Green Acres doing?

Arnold Ziffel is the most talented pig on TV. He goes to school, delivers newspapers and likes to watch Westerns. It’s no wonder Hank and Doris see him as their son. But there must be something in the water in Hooterville. Multiple animals have above-average abilities!

There’s Eleanor the cow, Alice and Chloe the hens and guest animals like Drobny the duck and Freddy the puppy. Do you remember the habits and activities the creatures on Green Acres got up to? Try to guess what these dogs, cows, chickens, ducks, pigs and ponies are doing!

  1. What is Arnold about to do?
  2. What unique food does Eleanor the cow like to eat?
  3. In one episode, Eleanor's "moo" sound does what?
  4. What is Drobny the duck doing here?
  5. When Lisa's mother visits, her dog sleeps on the couch while who sleeps on the floor?
  6. What is Arnold shopping for in Mr. Drucker's store?
  7. Instead of chasing rabbits, little terrier Mignon...
  8. What is Chloe the hen doing?
  9. What sport does Freddy the puppy like to play with Arnold?
  10. What is this pony carrying on its back?
What are these funny animals in Green Acres doing?

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