The ''really big'' Ed Sullivan Show trivia quiz

Ed Sullivan said countless times he had "a really big show." Well, he said it more like "shew." But he wasn't lying. Over the course of decades on air, The Ed Sullivan Show set ratings records and helped pop icons into household names. Of course, everyone remembers Elvis and the Beatles being on the show, but Sullivan welcomed everything from the blues and Broadway to comedy and classical on his stage.

It's one of the most important shows in television history. Let's see how well you know it.

  1. The Ed Sullivan Show was filmed and broadcast in which city?
  2. What was the original title of show?
  3. The Ed Sullivan Show aired on CBS on which evening?
  4. The first episode aired in which year?
  5. Which comedy duo appeared in the premiere episode?
  6. In what year did The Ed Sullivan Show end?
  7. Elvis appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show how many times?
  8. On September 18, 1966, Sullivan introduced "Jim, uh… Newsom's puppets," marking the first appearance of which characters?
  9. Topo Gigio was what kind of animal?
  10. What was the name of Señor Wences "puppet" that was just a face drawn on his hand?
  11. What was the first song the Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, in their legendary February 9, 1964, appearance?
  12. A screen caption famously read "SORRY GIRLS, HE'S MARRIED" under which Beatle?
  13. How many people watched the Beatles performance on February 9, 1964?
  14. Which pop group appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show more times?
  15. Sullivan made the Rolling Stones change the lyrics to "Let's Spend the Night Together." What did Mick Jagger sing instead?
  16. This band infamously did NOT change its lyrics to "Light My Fire" despite promising to do so, earning the wrath of Sullivan.
  17. When the network would not allow him to play his song of choice, "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues," this singer-songwriter walked out and decides to not perform at all.
  18. In 1955, this rocker was asked to play "Sixteen Tons," but instead rebelled and played his No. 1 hit — the title of which happened to be his name.
  19. In 1968, the original cast of the Peanuts musical 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown' appeared to perform. This classic TV star played Charlie Brown.
  20. Ed Sullivan lived to be 73. He died in which year?
The ''really big'' Ed Sullivan Show trivia quiz

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