How well do you know the first episode of Cheers?

Many sitcoms from the mid-'80s to the early '90s learned a thing or two from Cheers. Eleven seasons, 275 episodes and a shift from several sitcom "Norms," (see what we did there?) saw Cheers receive 28 Emmys and six Golden Globes with plenty more nominations. 

Before any accolades and before Sam, Diane, Carla, Coach, Norm, Cliff and plenty others became household names, there was the pilot episode. 

Across so many episodes, how well do you remember the one that started it all? Take our first episode quiz and let us know! 

  1. Which character below says the first line in the show?
  2. After getting engaged, Sumner Sloan leaves Diane at Cheers for his ex-wife. What was her name?
  3. Where were Diane and Sumner supposed to go for their destination wedding?
  4. In his first scene of the show, why does Coach storm into the bar upset?
  5. Coach says Sam was the best pitcher in the pros, ''the very best, as sure as ___________?''
  6. Sam reveals he had a drinking problem to Diane, and that's why he isn't in the big leagues anymore. However, he says he hasn't had a drink in...
  7. What is the title of the first episode of Cheers?
  8. Complete this line from Diane: ''This is the night before my wedding and I'm in the middle of a _______ contest''
  9. With Sumner still not back to pick up Diane, what reason does Carla give her to cheer up?
  10. Before leaving the bar, Coach says he just might finish his novel when he gets home. How long has he been ''working on it?''
  11. How does Diane know she needs to take the waitress job Sam offers her?
  12. After going into detail on why she took the waitressing job at the bar with her first customers ever, what happens next?
How well do you know the first episode of Cheers?

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