Can you sing all the lyrics to the Happy Days theme song?

Happy Days is the rare TV show to have its theme song reach the Top 5 on the pop charts. Actually, the sitcom technically had two theme songs complete that feat. Pratt & McLain's version of "Happy Days" rocketed to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976. 

This tune had replaced "Rock Around the Clock," the first theme song heard in the Happy Days credits. That classic rock & roll tune was once a No. 1. 

You've seen the opening credits countless times. Let's see how well you can remember the lyrics — all of them!

  1. The theme begins with singing the days of the week — but which day of the week is the first word in the song?
  2. Fill in the blank:
    "The weekend comes, my ______ hums"
  3. "Ready to ______ to you"
  4. "These days are ours / Happy and _______"
  5. "These days are ours / _______ them with me"
  6. "Goodbye ______ sky, hello blue"
  7. "'Cause nothin' can _______ me when I hold you"
  8. "It feels so right, it can't be wrong / Rockin' and rollin' all _______ long"
  9. And don't forget the rest of the full version:
    "________, what a day / Groovin' all week with you!"
  10. "Hello sunshine, goodbye _______"
  11. "She's wearin' my ______ ______ on a chain"
  12. "She's my _______, I'm her man / I'm gonna love her all I can"
  13. Of course, "Happy Days" was not the first theme used! The sitcom began with Bill Haley & The Comets' "Rock Around the Clock." See if you can fill in these blanks from that 1955 hit:
    "Put your ______ ______ on and join me hon'!"
  14. "We'll have some fun when the clock strikes _______"
Can you sing all the lyrics to the Happy Days theme song?

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