Can you guess the Monkees song from random lyrics?

The Monkees have a spunky collection of songs, and their wild lyrics quite often made for enduring hits.

But do you think you can pick up on every Monkees song, even if we drop you right in the middle of one?

Here, we've snipped random Monkees lyrics to put your memory to the test. See if you can use our clues as a steppin' stone to a high score! Good luck!
  1. Pick The Monkees hit with the line: “When I needed sunshine, I got rain.”
  2. Which Monkees hit made this bold declaration: “We’re the young generation / and we’ve got something to say.”
  3. Shot were fired with this line in which Monkees song: “When I first met you, girl, you didn’t have no shoes.”
  4. Which whimsical Monkees hit introduced us to this character: “And Mr. Green, he’s so serene / He’s got a TV in every room.”
  5. On which Monkees song was this proposal made? “We’ll have time for coffee-flavored kisses.”
  6. Which Monkees girl was this vow made to? “This one thing I will vow ya, I’d rather die than to live without ya.”
  7. Sometimes Monkees be shoppin': “You always where a smile, / Even though you’ve gotta walk a hundred ten miles.”
  8. This tragic figure stands out in the Monkees discography: “Well, I got no job to go to, / I don’t work and I don’t get paid.”
  9. Here's one of many examples of the Monkees in love: “Why am I standing here missing her and wishing she were here?”
  10. This feels like a good way to say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye: “Clicks, clacks, riding the backs of giraffes for laughs.”
Can you guess the Monkees song from random lyrics?

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